DAY 5: Silly hats, unicorns and dancing robots

The halfway point

Week 1 may nearly be over, but we have the evictions to look forward to next week! The power is in the hands of the 5,000+ students.

Today’s highlights in the Cadmium Zone:

  • Tribal languages and silly hats:

ryperno : whats your favourite experiment?

hannahlittle : the experiment I did for my masters thesis was hilarious, I got people to learn a mini tribal language and then got them to communicate with eachother but they had to wear different silly hats i’d made depending on which “tribe” they were in

  • Did the Italians discover a unicorn?!

Will we ever have unicorns?

  • And dancing robots…

alfalfa : what do the robots in your lab do? (The ones in your pictures)

hannahlittle : they do allsorts, some of them dance, some of them are robotic arms like on iron man, one of them swims and some of them are programmed to communicate and evolve their own languages!

alfalfa : Omg thats awesome


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